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Learn a Zoo Song

April 28, 2020

Why not learn a fun zoo song! Look below for some zoo inspired music!


We're going to the Zoo (Tune:The Farmer in the Dell)
We're going to the zoo.
We'll see a kangaroo
And a cockatoo.
So how 'bout you? We're going to the zoo.

Lions roar and play,
With tigers so they say.
Elephants spray
And zebras neigh
At the zoo all day.


An elephant goes like this and that (stomp feet)
He's terribly big (raise arms over head)
And he’s terribly fat (stretch arms to side)
He has no fingers (wiggle fingers)
And he has no toes (wiggle feet)
But, goodness gracious WHAT A NOSE!!!! (pretend trunk in front of nose with arm)


Here is Jay and Mike singing the Elephant Song 


Animals are so charming (Tune: Skip to My Lou)
Verse 1:
I went to the city zoo,
Saw a camel and a gnu,
Saw an anaconda, too!
Animals are so charming.

Zoo, zoo, trip to the zoo,
Zoo, zoo, trip to the zoo,
Zoo, zoo, trip to the zoo,
Animals are so charming.

Verse 2:
I looked at the tall giraffe;
Watched a hippo take a bath;
And the monkeys made me laugh.
Animal are so charming.

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 3:
The gorilla had some swings;
Penguins flapped their funny wings;
And the seals swam through some rings.
Animals are so charming.

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 4:
Polar bears gave me a fright!
Zebras' coats were black and white.
Elephants stood at great height.
Animals are so charming.

(Repeat chorus again)


April 28, 2020