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The following story is shared by Hannah’s parents Cathy and Nick.

Hannah and her family are very thankful for the Intervenor Services offered by Sensity.

Hannah is a happy 25-year-old who loves to be active in her community. Hannah is deafblind and has severe cerebral palsy. Intervenor Services has made it possible for Hannah to transition from home life to independent living in a house she shares with three other young women who are deafblind. Intervenors have provided Hannah the opportunity to go to daily programming, follow her own interests, attend family weddings and do so many other things that individuals take for granted as part of a typical young adult’s life.

Without Sensity’s intervenors, Hannah would be much less active and trapped, unable to independently interact with her world. Hannah loves so many of the same things her peers do: going to the mall, shopping, and just watching others her age. Her intervenor makes it possible for her to do these activities. She is happy when she goes with her family on these outings but she is so much happier when she can ride the bus by herself with the help of her intervenor and do these same activities in a more independent way. When she is with her intervener she gets to be an independent 25-year-old young woman.

For the rest of the family this program has also made a huge difference. It has made family events possible. Her whole family is able to enjoy their time together while the intervenor helps Hannah join in. Hannah has been assistant maid of honour at two of her sisters’ weddings and is now preparing to be bridesmaid for her brother.

In many ways, Intervenor Services has helped Hannah and her family grow. With the help of her intervenor Hannah is asserting herself and is becoming her own person. Sensity’s intervenor program is helping Hannah live a rich meaningful life.

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