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Children’s Intervenor Services Funding 2023-2024

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Sensity is pleased to announce that Sensity’s Children’s Intervenor Services Funding (CISF) will operate again for the 2023/2024 fiscal year.

Sensity believes in a world embracing human connections and diversity. This vision encompasses children in the province of Ontario who require Intervenor Services outside of the school setting. We are happy to be able to offer funding that promotes social activities and opportunities.

For an outline of eligible criteria, please review the Program Guidelines document as your child’s tests may need to be updated.

Applications are due by April 14, 2023, with decisions being advised by May 15, 2023. Funding decisions are based on the applicant’s needs and available resources.

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Children’s Intervenor Services Funding.

Click here for:

2023 Sensity CISF Application Form

Program Guidelines 2023-24


If you have any questions regarding funding, please contact cisf@sensity.ca 519-442-0463 ext. 132.

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