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Drive Thru Christmas Displays

By November 30, 2021 No Comments
Sensity’s entry in the Paris Drive Thru Christmas Displays event is taking shape.

With a holiday favourites playlist setting a festive mood, Chey, John Jr. and Yi-Min came together like a team of Santa’s elves to work on the project in the multi-purpose room.
Chey and John Jr., with intervenor Heather, painted a large cutout of a Christmas tree in shades of green using brushes and rollers.
The tree's decorations were fashioned from the knitted and crocheted squares saved from this summer’s yarn bombing activity for National Deafblind Awareness Month.
Chey and John Jr. folded or crumpled the squares into the shape of bulbs.
Chey chose several colourful squares and arranged them like ornaments on the tree.
John Jr. used a staple gun to attach the pieces to the plywood tree cutout.
“I like it,” Chey said as the group surveyed their handiwork.
Yi-Min, with intervenor Kyla, went to work on the snowman cutout.
Step 1 was painting the snowman’s black hat. Next, Yi-Min searched for different round objects in the room to trace the snowman’s eyes, mouth and buttons and a ruler to sketch the outline of carrot nose, which he filled in with orange paint.
The three volunteers were proud of their work.
"I'm a hard worker," John Jr. said.
Big thanks to Sam who drew the tree and snowman outlines and Dennis who cut out the shapes with a jigsaw.
The Paris Drive Thru Christmas Displays is being held Saturday, Dec. 4 from 4-9 p.m. at the Paris Fairgrounds.

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