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Everyday is a New Experience

By June 15, 2021 No Comments

By: Cathy Pascuttini, Mentorship and Development Specialist

I started working in this field 17 years ago after making a career change. I was stagnant where I was currently working and not really growing mentally or spiritually. I began looking at various courses at George Brown College and became immediately intrigued by the Intervenor for Deafblind Persons Program. I was aware of and had met people who were Deaf and people who were blind, however had never heard of or met anyone with the dual sensory loss.

I was at a place in my life that I was very thankful for the opportunities, experiences and people I had in my life and wanted to be able to share those same things with others who may not have yet had the same opportunities and experiences.

I met with Betty Jean Reid, Coordinator of the program to gather more information. When I was leaving I felt this would be something that would be truly gratifying and yet challenging at the same time. I was very intrigued and interested and wanted to peruse this further. I took two levels of ASL introductory courses at Bob Rumball School for the Deaf as a precursor to taking the Intervenor program and loved learning sign language! I knew I was on the right path.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunities and experiences I have had as an employee with Sensity (CDBRA and CDBA). The various positions I have held within my tenure has allowed me to grow and develop not only as a person, but to continue to evolve my understanding of Deafblindness and intervention.

I thought I would be the one “teaching” the individuals supported, however they taught me that I was very wrong! Throughout this amazing journey I have been blessed with being introduced to and have worked with some of the most remarkable, smart, funny, caring, kind, and patient people I had ever met, who unconditionally accept the revolving door of people who come and go into their lives…eventually. It is all about the bond after all!!

Our individuals have taught me the significance of respect and being present and in the moment. The value of strong observational skills, to understand vocalizations that have their very own language and meaning and words that are unspoken.

Our individuals are my inspiration and I am humbled by and thankful for each and every person who has welcomed and allowed me to be a part of their journey and very special world!

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