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ImmersX Webinar Feedback

By December 3, 2020 No Comments

Thank you to those who attended the ImmersX Vibro-Tactile Chair Virtual Webinar/Product Launch on Nov. 17.

To recap: ImmersX is a Canadian start-up responsible for developing the Vibro-Tactile Chair, based on technology pioneered by Ryerson University researcher Dr. Frank Russo. Using proprietary technology, the chair separates different frequencies in music and maps them to different parts of the body. People sitting in the chair feel the low frequencies, such as a bass, on the backs of their thighs and backside, mid frequencies in their lower back and high frequencies around their shoulders. Sensity has been trialing a demo model of the Vibro-Tactile Chair since January with encouraging results.

If you’d like to re-watch the webinar or in case you missed it, here it is: Click Here

We also invite you to complete a 3 minute survey which will share your feedback and questions with ImmersX: Click Here

If you have any additional questions please contact ckostka@immersx.com

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