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Joe’s ‘Acceptional’ Riders Donation

By August 26, 2019 May 1st, 2020 No Comments


To give you a little history about Joe, he has always loved horses, and he started going to the “Acceptional Rider” Therapeutic Riding Program at TJ Stables about four months ago! He goes twice a month and he loves riding his pony Dobber.

The owners and staff are amazing with him and they are very welcoming to all of us. Each time Joe goes, one of the owners is there to greet him by name!

Joe’s goal has been to give back to his community to ensure that others benefit from the same wonderful programs and experiences he has! Through his program with Sensity, he is able to enjoy his time with Dobber. We realize that for many families, the therapeutic riding would be beneficial to them but the cost may be out of reach for them to afford. Joe, his family and his intervenors decided that this program is very important to the Chatham Kent community! Joe chose to take the sales of his birdhouses and donated enough dollars to allow two people to benefit from eight weeks at TJ Stables Acceptional Rider program!

We surprised them with the donation earlier this month, with Joe, his intervenors Sarayn and Liz, and mom Cathy. Cathy also took this opportunity to talk with everyone present about Joe, his birdhouses and the importance of TJ Stables program. She also discussed that Joe is very fortunate and he wants to pay it forward for others.