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Online Training: Welcome to Brightspace

By February 28, 2022 No Comments

Sensity is pleased to announce we will be launching a new platform and refreshed content for our respected online learning and professional development courses in May.

The important project led by our Training Department has been more than a year in the making.

“It has been a big project but it was well worth the time and effort it’s taken. I am certain both new and experienced intervenors will find the courses informative,” said Sue Hall, director of training.

Sensity chose Brightspace as our new Learning Management Platform. Brightspace is used extensively by educational institutions as well as businesses and agencies of all sizes around the world.

“Having been on the learner side of things on Brightspace over the years, I was very excited for this to be the chosen platform to house our courses moving forward. As a learner myself using the platform since 2018, I have found Brightspace to be very user-friendly and easy to navigate, and I hope future learners in our courses agree,” said Lindsay Border, training and development coordinator.

Lindsay, who has more than five years experience as one of the facilitators of Sensity’s professional development courses on the topics of deafblindness and Intervenor Services, took on the task of refreshing the content which was developed a decade ago.

The revised courses are much more interactive than their predecessors and include photos of a wide variety of individuals who receive Intervenor Services from Sensity as a means of illustrating the various concepts being taught. In addition, the courses feature perspectives from some of our intervenors on a variety of topics.

“We also anticipate being able to share the perspectives of some of the people in our services as they help explain what the different aspects of Intervenor Services mean to them,” Lindsay said.

The goal was to ensure the content is relevant, accessible and provides an interactive experience for learners.

“The courses have a fresh, clean modern look on the new website. Lindsay has done an excellent job refreshing the content,” Sue said. “I have to say how incredibly proud I am of the work that has been done.”

Sensity will continue to offer professional development courses on a variety of topics including Methods and Techniques, Communication and Concept Development, Activity Planning, and Health, Wellness and Aging.

“We look forward to opening them for registration soon,” Lindsay said.

*Sample of course material*

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