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Technology Promotes Social Inclusion and Support Through Federal Funding

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“It has my name on it” Darby cheered as she opened her brand new iPad to see “Darby” engraved on the back.

When the package arrived both Darby and her mom, Anne opened it together.

Excited Darby shared she would be using it to stay in touch with friends, play games, FaceTime with her nephew and watch her favourite movies and shows on Netflix, Disney+ and YouTube.

“Darby pays attention to what's happening in the world and took interest in the Apple News app” shared intervenor Rachel.

For Darby, who is a very talented artist she looks forward to taking advantage of the drawing apps available to create digital art.

Anne Allison says technology is a “lifeline” for her daughter Darby during COVID-19.

During the pandemic, Sensity suspended all activities in the community for the health and safety of the vulnerable individuals in our services.

Darby felt “very disconnected” because she has not been able to attend her part-time job and volunteer work.

Darby’s new iPad, in space grey and engraved with her name, arrived at her home in Peterborough by courier on Sept. 10.

Darby chose an iPad Pro 256 GB with Wi-Fi because the larger 12.9-inch screen is more accessible to her residual vision. The large memory accommodates apps and necessary accessibility features while the Wi-Fi connection allow the device to be portable around her home.

“Darby is beyond happy. Me too!” Anne said.

Darby was so grateful and signed “Thank you so very much” to Brian Shypula, manager of strategic engagement with Sensity and everyone involved to make this possible.

Sensity applied on behalf of Darby on the basis of the “technology to promote social inclusion and support a person who is deafblind during COVID-19 isolation.”

Sensity is grateful to the federal Emergency Community Support Fund and the United Way Peterborough & District, which approved the application.

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