Why Having an Intervenor Is Important To Me

By June 1, 2021 No Comments

By: Alecia Purkiss

Having an intervenor is very important when I have a doctor's appointment. The intervenor helps me by giving me information about what the doctor is saying. Sometimes doctors use big words so my intervenor changes the words so I understand better what the doctor is talking about.

I am enjoying volunteering at the RC Store. Sometimes, I need to learn new skills from Mike or the intervenor at the store. When I started working at the store, I needed to learn to make coffee for the customer, learn money, how to count inventory in the store and how to use the cash register. Mike and my Intervenor helped me to learn how to do this. I volunteer to take the store on the road like Springtime in Paris and the Sensity Golf tournament, so I had to learn to set-up the tables so you can see inventory and learn to move things around once it started to sell. My intervenors gave me information on how important it is to greet every customer that comes to the table and chat about deafblind consumers.

I am enjoying making crafts and teaching my friends and intervenors how to make things. I have learned many skills with the help of my intervenor. I have learned to loom, rug hooking, painting crafts and glitter jars. I like to look up different craft ideas on Pinterest and learn how to do them with my intervenor.

I really enjoy going for mile walks with my intervenor. Sometimes, we walk in the neighbourhood and sometimes, I like to walk on the trail. I need to have an intervenor so that I can walk safely around the neighbourhood so I don't fall. The intervenors gives me information about the curbs and when to step down and step up. Sometimes when the sun is out, it is hard to see the cars on the road. It is good to have an intervenor.


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