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Yarn Bombing for Deafblind Awareness Month!

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The Sensity community came together for a colourful and tactile celebration of National Deafblind Awareness Month #NDBAM by “yarn bombing” on Wednesday, June 16.
The sensory garden at the Resource Centre in Paris was covered with dozens upon dozens of knitted, crocheted and loomed squares, blankets and afghans. And there were plenty of smiles to go around as the volunteers, including individuals who are deafblind, intervenors and other staff worked together on the fun project.
“It’s a beautiful day for yarn bombing,” said Alecia, one of the volunteers.
Working with program coordinator Shantal, she wrapped yellow yarn around one of the handrails in the sensory garden.
“Just follow the yellow yarn railing,” Shantal quipped.
Sensity was one of several organizations across Canada participating in a global yarn bombing initiative to build awareness about people who are deafblind.
“We reached out to the Sensity community and the community at large asking people to put their knitting, crocheting and looming skills to work to support us. I’m overwhelmed by the response,” said Sam Gaspar, communications and events coordinator.
The Communications office was filled with bags and bags of yarn creations donated over the past few months.
A knitted square contributed by Sayanthy from our Toronto program, arrived on Wednesday pushing the campaign to an impressive total.
“We officially got to 500 pieces,” said Sam, who carefully tracked all the contributions. (Please keep reading to the end for a list of all the people who donated to the project.)
People are welcome to visit the sensory garden to explore the colourful, tactile street art and learn more about deafblindness.
The installation features a QR code that visitors can scan with their smart phone to learn more about deafblindness, Sensity and its programs including Intervenor Services, and Deafblind International, which spearheaded the global yarn bombing initiative.
We are grateful for support from our local media -- Patti Berardi @TVPattiBrant from Rogers from Rogers TV Brantford, Brian Thompson @EXPbthompson from The Expositor and Jason Freeze @JasonFreeze from BScene – who stopped by to provide coverage.
Look for a feature from Patti on Thursday’s #BrantLife on Rogers Cable 20. The show airs at 9 p.m.
A photo by Brian was published in Thursday’s edition of The Expositor.
Jason’s coverage will appear on July’s edition of BScene.
The volunteers, who included residents of the apartments, their intervenors and other staff, worked in shifts in order to stay within the 10 person limit on outdoor gatherings.
The volunteers chose the pieces and a spot to attach the creations. They had fun using a staple gun to secure the pieces to different wooden objects in the sensory garden.
Jordan signed "I made this" when he found the square he contributed among the hundreds to choose from.
Allison flexed her arm to show the strength in her biceps after squeezing the trigger.
Rena enjoyed the activity so much that she filled a plastic grocery bag with extra squares and borrowed one of the staple guns to continue Yarn Bombing later in the day and next week as part of her free time activities.
Alecia and café coordinator Ashley Tavares baked seven dozen “I Love You” cookies frosted in Sensity’s logo colours. The volunteers and guest enjoyed the treats.
Many thanks to the individuals who donated their time and talent by creating so many beautiful knitted squares.
Pauline Marsden, Carol Lewis, Henny Loughran, Janet Mannen, Sue Hall, Michelle Borton’s mom, Barb Severs, Mandy Purkiss, Susan Shouldice, Janis Polischuck, Sharon Polishchuck, Heather Ruttan, Vanessa Wassink, Jan Lamont, Virginia Melo, Brenda Richardson, Kelly Baker, Deb Lawson, Aarda Griffith, Rena, Jordan, Josh, Sayanthy, Alecia, Richard, Talice, Darla, LeeAnn and Brittany.
Thanks also to Community Living Wallaceburg for participating, Shelby Johnston, communication and business specialist, and consumers Krista and Allan.
Countries and Communities Participating:
Argentina, Australia, British Columbia, Boston, Brazil, El Salvador, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kingston, ON, London, ON, Manitoba, Mexico, Montreal, Netherlands, New Brunswick, New York, Norway, Nova Scotia, Ottawa, Owen Sound, ON, Paris, ON, Sarnia, ON, Saskatchewan, Switzerland, Thunder Bay, ON, Toronto, United Kingdom and Venezuela.

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