Our Services

We currently provide Intervenor Services and other supports in 35 locations across the province. We are able to provide Intervenor Services in any community in Ontario where there is demand. We will work with an individual or their family/representative to establish a new residential setting. In all our residential settings, we treat and respect the location as the individual’s home. We are committed to putting the needs of the individual first when we provide Intervenor Services. Our focus is on the individual and gearing everything around them.

We are proud of the accessible apartment complex we built next door to our Resource Centre in Paris. The apartments were designed from the ground up to support the needs of people who are deafblind. We believe the Paris apartment complex is a model for accessible housing to pursue in other communities.

In all of our residential settings, our robust training program equips our intervenors with the knowledge and skills to support individuals who are deafblind. We have three styles of residential services.

residential services for people who are deafblind

Residential Services

We support individuals who are able to live on their own, with tailored Intervenor Services based on their input. These individuals recognize when they need an intervenor and can schedule the intervenor accordingly.

We provide supported independent living settings in a house or apartment. In this type of setting, two, three or four people who are deafblind share a home, with support from a team of intervenors. We create new supported independent living settings when two or more people who are deafblind want to share a home together in their community.

Children’s & Family Services

We support families with a child who is deafblind. Through our Children’s Intervenor Services Funding program we’ve enabled children who are deafblind to participate in recreational, educational and cultural activities over the summer, Christmas and March breaks. This program allows families to hire intervenors during these busy times. We are proud to say Sensity is the only organization in Ontario to provide this vital service. We have helped more than 80 families over the past two years.

2020 Sensity CISF Program Guidelines
2020 Sensity CISF Application Form

Bowling with deafblind people

Community Intervenor Services

All of our services are a combination of home and community. We are committed to putting the needs of the individual first when we provide Intervenor Services. Our focus is on the individual and we gear everything around their needs. We really do try to make them the centre of the universe.

We support an individual who lives in the family home with Intervenor Services. The intervenor works with the individual in the home and accompanies the person on outings and activities in the community.

Training for deafblindness

Training & Consultation

We provide a specialized training, curriculum developed and taught by experienced professional in the field. The training courses and consultation services are open to anyone interested in learning more about deafblindness, sensory loss and the field of intervenor services.