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Gardens of Difference

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By: Daryl Armstrong


Past: The roots that I have grown in the time that I was born until now.


Present: Leafs of a tree are like the socializing in the groups that I’m in.


Future: The future holds the strength and faith in myself to make me the best person that I can be.


Air: Air to me is like communication that my Intervenor gives to me. When our communication is clear it is like the air that we breathe. Without air it is hard to understand and can lead to problems but if communication is done in a way that I can understand then it can help me grow and feel connected to everything.


Water: Water is like clarification. If I giving the right information and I understand the information. It is like receiving the water that a plant needs to have to grow and to be familiar with when and where it gets to be important information so it enable me to drink and take the information so I can lead and make my own decisions and choices. But if the information is unclear or not enough information. This would be like a plant not getting enough water. Dirty water like unclear information would make the plan not grow as strong as it could be and when a plant does not receive enough water then this makes it so plant can not grow and may even die. So to me this is like somebody not allowing me make my own decisions. If Intervenor is like a good gardener he or she will always look at the garden and make sure the garden is strong and water enough for it to be able to grow and be stronger.


Earth:  Like the earth beneath our feet. It has been put there to support us. Without Earth our planet that we walk on that supports all life would end as we know it. Like the Earth the team that helps me such as my Intervenor, Supervisor and Manger as well as the people who train my Intervenor, supervisor and manger are part of the nutrition and support that I need to grow to me fullest potential.


Sun: The sun without knowing it gives us the light we need to see and grow as well. Sometimes we forget how important the sun can be to our lives and how if we do not have it the changes it can make on our lives could be devastating and would alter how we live our life’s could change how we look, how healthy we are and even our moods. To me the sun is like Cathy Proll, Sue Hall and Leah Cameron. At times we do not see them but they are the light and the sun to all Intervenors and my team that helps me.


Moon: The moon is like orientation and mobility. We learn our O&M skills during the day and with a well-trained Intervenor the consistency I develop is to me is like the abilities I develop working with my Intervenor. In the light I develop a sense of confidence and security to trust my abilities whether I am in the dark or the light. Trust is factor here and like Moon that is like a beacon of hope.  When you are out walking know that you can trust the moon is there the same way you can trust instincts that you have built from your O&M skills.


I have learned that we all born different. Through my life people have soon me that make us different might make people stare at you. I know that make people not except you for who you are. I know now that we are all different and we all need encouragement, support, inspiration and understanding. So we are all different and way I see it we all like gardens so if you take your time and see how beautiful we all are and see the world like I do. We are all Gardens of Difference.


I challenge all Deafblind people to create their own Garden Of Difference by using anything you create to show the people who support us at Sensity that we appreciate them and the work they put in everyday to help us grow into who we are.

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