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Begin your career as an Intervenor. Sensity offers a generous compensation package and a variety of opportunities for personal and professional development. Click below for a list of current job openings.

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Career as an intervenor

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A career as an Intervenor is both challenging and rewarding. For those experiencing multi-sensory challenges, Intervenors help make sense of the world around them. With a career at Sensity, you can learn new skills and positively impact the lives of others.

Become An Intervenor
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What is an Intervenor?

Intervenors are personal connections that help each individual communicate with the world around them in their own unique way, to be heard and understood. Intervenors are professionals who provide intervention to an individual who is deafblind. The Intervenor mediates between the person who is deafblind and his or her environment to enable him or her to communicate effectively with and receive non-distorted information from the world around them.

A Rewarding Career

A Rewarding Career

Intervenors play a significant role in the lives of people with deafblindness. As their eyes and ears, Intervenors provide a safe, nurturing environment so individuals with deafblindness can grow, learn and achieve their personal goals.

Training & Consultation

Training Provided

Sensity provides specialized training, relevant and practical education courses and customized consultation services for those who support individuals who are deafblind.

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Make a Difference

100% of your generous contribution will go directly to programs and services to support people who are deafblind or with sensory loss.