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Our Board of Directors

Committed volunteers, these individuals play a pivotal role in steering our organization toward its purpose of supporting those who are deafblind. With a collective vision and dedication to making a meaningful impact, our Board members bring diverse expertise and perspectives, creating a dynamic force that propels Sensity forward.

Meet Our Board:

  • Deb Garbett – Chair
  • Andrea Matelic – Vice Chair
  • JoAnn VanSantvoort, Treasurer
  • Gabriel Drouin, Secretary
  • Tanner Stranges, Director
  • Bambi Pepe, Director
  • Beth Bendo, Director
  • Angela Johnston, Director

Day-to-day Operations Are Led by Sensity’s’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Governed by a Volunteer Board of Directors. Accountable to the Corporation, the Board Satisfies Its Fiduciary, Strategic and Generative Obligations Through Planning and Decision Making to:

  • Ensure a Strategic Plan to Guide the Corporation.
  • Ensure Evaluation Processes for Sensitys’ Strategy and Board Performance.
  • Support and Evaluate the Performance of the CEO.
  • Ensure Plans Related to Effectiveness and Quality.
  • Ensure Sound Fiduciary Oversight and Financial Management.
  • Foster Positive Relationships and Engagement with Stakeholders to Advance the Purpose of Sensity.
  • Steward Effective Governance Policies and Practices.
  • Ensure Legal and Ethical Integrity.

    ….All While Acting in the Best Interests of the Organization.