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Resource Centre

A man and a women sitting outside communicating through sign language

Our Resource Centre in Paris, Ontario provides access to multisensory rooms and technology to assist people who are deafblind. This includes a Snoezelen Room, Music Room, and Sensory Garden.

Snoezelen Room

Our Snoezelen Room, a specially designed space for individuals who are deafblind or experiencing sensory loss, offers a unique and comforting experience. But what exactly is a Snoezelen Room? It’s a multisensory environment where people can explore and relax. With soft lights, pleasant scents, gentle sounds, and textured surfaces, it provides a safe space for sensory stimulation and relaxation. This immersive environment aims to cater to various sensory needs, offering a range of experiences to promote well-being. As part of our commitment to inclusivity, we are gaging public interest for the Snoezelen Room as a regular program. If you are interested, please reach out to

Ingrid holds a small orange ball and sits in a blue egg chair

Music Room

Our Music Room at Sensity is a haven for individuals who are deafblind or facing sensory challenges. Here, regardless of your abilities, you’ll find a welcoming space where creativity flourishes and relaxation take center stage. Whether you prefer participating in group sessions or exploring independently, our room caters to your unique needs. With a variety of specialized equipment designed for education, stimulation, and relaxation, you can engage with music in ways that suit you best. From one-on-one therapy sessions to group activities, our Music Room offers opportunities for connection, expression, and enjoyment. Come experience the transformative power of music in a supportive and inclusive environment tailored just for you.

The Music Room is not accepting bookings currently.

Sensory Garden

two chairs carved out of a tree trunk sit around a tree trunk table in a peaceful garden

The Sensory Garden is a peaceful environment where individuals can stimulate their senses through discovering colors, scents, sounds, tastes, and textures. Our beautiful garden features an herb wall, garden plants, and pollinators, a water feature, unique log furniture, a swing, a music bench, a willow tunnel, and an outdoor music space with instruments.

Thanks to the generosity of the Lion Homes for Deaf People for their donation, we were able to bring this enchanting garden to life. Their support has allowed us to create a haven where everyone, regardless of ability, can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of nature.