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About Us

Several knitted swatches bearing the sensity logo are lined up on a fence

Welcome to Sensity – a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individuals facing sensory challenges, particularly those who are deafblind. We understand the communication difficulties and other obstacles these individuals encounter daily.

Our Resource Center, located in Paris, Ontario, serve as the central hub for our dedicated team of professional Intervenors who deliver comprehensive services tailored to various life stages. We offer programs and services for individuals who are deafblind, families, children, adults, other agencies, and the public.

Our leading service, Intervenor Services, plays a crucial role in assisting those who are deafblind. Through personalized assistance, we help navigate their unique journeys, setting the standard for support in the deafblind community and beyond.

Affordable and accessible housing is vital for people with sensory challenges, and we actively partner with communities and organizations to address this need. By fostering partnerships, we create inclusive environments where individuals with sensory challenges can thrive.

Sensity’s commitment to excellence extends globally through our collaboration with organizations like the Deafblind Network of Ontario and Deafblind International. Together, we share expertise and best practices, ensuring our impact reaches far beyond Canada’s borders.

Join us at Sensity, where over 30 years of dedicated service, commitment to excellence, and innovative approaches are making endless possibilities a reality for those navigating sensory challenges. Your journey awaits, supported by our team every step of the way.

Your Journey. Our Supports. Endless Possibilities.