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Strategic Plan


2023-2026:Navigating the Future with Purpose at Sensity

We are excited to introduce the Deafblind and Sensory Support Network of Canada’s new three-year strategic plan, thoughtfully crafted with deep consideration for the unique needs of our community. Throughout the development process, we actively engaged with our esteemed partners, dedicated employees, and the individuals and families we support, ensuring their voices played a central role in shaping this plan.

Throughout our work together, we talked with Intervenors and direct support professionals to learn more about the important services they offer. Their stories showed us just how much they care about their work. We also made it a priority to talk with the families we help, to better understand what they need and hope for. Talking to people outside our organization also gave us a new way of looking at things, helping us find ways to make our organization even better.

This strategic plan serves as our guiding compass, constructed upon the foundation of the voices we heard. It charts a course for Sensity to consistently deliver and enhance services for individuals who are deafblind or experiencing sensory loss. Aligned with our organizational values, the plan signifies our unwavering commitment to leadership, growth, action, and innovation.

Our purpose is encapsulated in the statement:

“Your Journey. Our Supports. Endless Possibilities.”

This reflects our commitment to guiding you through various experiences.