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Our Services

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Enriching Lives

At the heart of our approach is the understanding that meaningful experiences are crafted through tailored supports. Sensity takes pride in being a beacon of excellence in the sector, offering not just services but a transformative journey for those experiencing sensory loss. We champion individuality, promote connectivity, and elevate the quality of life for each person we serve through our innovative and leading-edge Intervenor Services. 

Welcome to Sensity, your provincial partner in championing accessibility and support for individuals facing sensory challenges. Operating throughout Ontario, Sensity specializes in Intervenor Services, catering to the unique needs of those who are deafblind or experiencing sensory loss.

At Sensity, we go beyond geographical boundaries to deliver Intervenor Services wherever there is a demand within the province. Our commitment extends to collaborating with individuals, their families, or representatives to establish new residential settings. In every location, we treat and respect the space as more than just a dwelling – it’s a home. Our unwavering dedication to prioritizing the individual ensures that our Intervenor Services are personalized and centered around their specific needs.

Choose Sensity as your provincial partner dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those with sensory challenges. We stand at the forefront, leading the way in Intervenor Services and accessible housing solutions across Ontario.

Residential Services

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We empower individuals capable of independent living through customized Intervenor Services shaped by their preferences. With this model individuals recognize when an Intervenor is required and can conveniently schedule their support to meet their individual needs.

Our commitment extends to facilitating supported independent living in houses or apartments. Within these settings, a collaborative approach sees two, three, or four individuals who are deafblind sharing a home, benefiting from the dedicated support of an Intervenor team. As demand arises, we proactively establish new supported independent living settings for communities where two or more individuals who are deafblind express the desire to share a home, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

Community Intervenor Services

Our approach is the seamless integration of home and community in all our services. With an exclusive focus on the individual, we tailor our support to revolve entirely around their requirements, making them the focal point of our efforts.

When an individual resides in the family home, our Intervenor Services extend to provide dedicated support to the individual outside the home as well. Our Intervenors work collaboratively with individuals within their home environment, ensuring a harmonious blend of assistance, and also accompany them on outings and community activities. This holistic approach emphasizes our dedication to meeting the unique needs of each person we serve, fostering a sense of inclusion both at home and in the broader community.