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Supported Living


At Sensity, we champion the power of support, the strength of community, and the boundless possibilities found in embracing inclusivity. Our dedication to offering 24-hour services in supported living settings stems from our unwavering commitment to encouraging individuals who are deafblind to lead independent and fulfilling lives. Through our person-centered approach to service delivery, we strive to create environments where every individual can thrive, both within their homes and in the broader community.

We lead by example, continuously seeking out innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of our community. Our latest endeavor is the creation of accessible and affordable living spaces in our acclaimed apartment complex in Paris. With 10 units accommodating up to 21 residents, this initiative stands as a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

Currently, Sensity offers supported living setting services across various Ontario communities, including Sarnia, London, Paris, Welland, Kingston, and Sudbury. Through strategic partnerships, we are poised to expand our reach into other communities, ensuring that more individuals in need have access to the services they require.

In our desire to provide services for people in need, we strive to create supportive environments where individuals who are deafblind can thrive. Fostering spaces where residents truly feel at home, careful consideration is given to how we create a space that considers the unique needs of individuals. This takes into factors such as personal preferences and roommate suitability when establishing a new home. Individuals, families and community supports are our partners in this journey, as we strive to create spaces where mutual support and meaningful connections thrive.

At Sensity, We Do What Is Right, Not What’s Easy. Our supported living services are designed to integrate our core values of leadership, growth, innovation, and action into every aspect of services. By emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility, we are redefining the standard of support for individuals who are deafblind.

“In our supported living settings, we are not just providing a service; we’re fostering a homey, innovative environment where every individual feels a sense of belonging.”

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