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Why Having an Intervenor is Important to Me

In Alecia’s own words, the presence of an intervenor transcends mere assistance—it’s a crucial lifeline that propels her into a world of limitless possibilities. Journeying through life’s complexities, Alecia finds profound value in the dedicated support provided by her intervenor, particularly during pivotal moments like doctor’s appointments.

“In the doctor’s office, my intervenor is my voice,” Alecia shares. “They break down the big words the doctors use, making sure I understand everything. It’s not just about information; it’s about empowerment—knowing I have a say in my health.”

Beyond medical consultations, Alecia’s narrative unfolds in the community, where her volunteer work at the RC Store becomes a testament to resilience and growth. “Mike and my intervenor taught me so much,” Alecia reflects. “From making coffee to managing inventory, they’ve been there every step. We’ve even taken the store on the road, spreading awareness at events. My intervenor helps me connect with customers, especially those in the deafblind community.”

In her creative endeavors, Alecia becomes both student and teacher, crafting and sharing skills with friends and intervenors alike. “Pinterest is my go-to, and my intervenor is always there to explore new crafts,” she adds. “Looming, rug hooking, painting—there’s always something new to learn and create together.”

Even the simple joy of a mile walk takes on new dimensions with an intervenor. “I love walking, whether in the neighborhood or on a trail. My intervenor ensures I navigate safely, providing crucial details about curbs and potential obstacles. It’s not just about physical safety; it’s about the freedom to enjoy the world around me.”

In Alecia’s world, the intervenor is not just a guide; they are a companion in every step, every craft, and every interaction—a pillar of support shaping a life filled with empowerment and possibilities.