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Children’s Intervenor Services Funding Program (CISF)

Amelia, a young girl with glasses and red hair, holds her pink ipad and smiles with her mom

Sensity’s Children’s Intervenor Services Program is a dedicated initiative designed to support families with a child who is deafblind. Our program goes beyond conventional assistance by offering funding that enables children to actively participate in recreational, educational, and cultural activities during key periods such as summer, Christmas, and March breaks.

Sensity takes pride in being the sole organization in Ontario to provide this essential service, having positively impacted over 80 families. Our Children’s Intervenor Services Funding program is meticulously crafted to help children who are deafblind engage in their communities with the crucial support of Intervenor services.

This funding initiative also extends its support to family caregivers by offering training opportunities related to deafblindness. The program covers the costs associated with assessments or consultations related to the condition of deafblindness. Additionally, the funding is designed to assist with expenses tied to Intervenors, ensuring comprehensive support.

Key Goals of the Children’s Intervenor Services Program:

  1. Foster Communication: We aim to foster communication to support ongoing development, community participation, and social activities for children who are deafblind.
  2. Promote Social Inclusion: Our program actively promotes social inclusion by providing the necessary support of an Intervenor, facilitating meaningful connections.
  3. Support Families and Caregivers: We understand the critical role of families and caregivers. Our program ensures they receive Intervenor services, empowering them to continue their supportive roles effectively.
  4. Increase Training Opportunities: The program strives to increase training opportunities for those supporting individuals with deafblindness, enhancing their skills and knowledge.

At Sensity, we are committed to making a lasting impact on the lives of children who are deafblind and their families, fostering a sense of community, support, and inclusion.

Applications for CISF 2024 coming soon.